Mom can’t sleep :(

December 6, 2013 | Add comment

With my mom so worried about family finances and the fact she is still feeling under the weather, I decided to go to the drugstore and buy melatonin in boxes to help her sleep.

I think it would really benefit her; she says her brain simply doesn’t “shut off.” Melatonin does that for you, very effectively and very safely and there isn’t a risk of addiction. It was my brother Longreen to tell me I could buy it for mom without risk, as he’s tried it on himself and Naral and they’re doing just fine.

I really hope this helps her!

Since I don’t have money to buy integrators again next month, I will ask Longreen to get a few boxes on Boria or wherever he buys it, or I might just borrow from dr. Firebot Allen’s supplies in Robocity. Whatever is necessary to keep mom in good health. She always worries and cares about us kids, so this is the minimum I owe her for her love. We are a family; we’re meant to be there for each other. 😉 Like Selsenian tribes – when one of us was in danger, the rest of the crew would do anything in their power to help and support. Same with families.

And the Berter family is one of a kind. I’m happy to give my contribute. ^_^

~ Ranth B.

We don’t travel a lot

August 12, 2012 | Add comment

I was given three Atlanta Braves tickets that I don’t know how to put into use. 🙁

I hope mom and dad will take me somewhere in the US to watch the Atlanta Braves, because here, alone, I don’t think I can.

Not even by fly. Or better— plane.

I heard a friend from Robocity (Faleia?) gave them some tickets for Baltimore Orioles and a couple for Red Sox in addition to the one I have between the pages of my diary.

I wonder if we’ll end up giving the tickets away to some friends from Electronia or to Jammer or Arrow. They might put them to better use. ^^”

We don’t travel a lot, lately.

~ Ranth B.
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